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Sambo & Judo with Natalia Kuligina
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Natalia Kuligina

  • 5th Dan of the International Judo Federation.
  • 1989 to 1992years the winner of Championship of the USSR
  • 1993 to 2003. - Champion of Kyrgyzskoy Republic
  • Participant three Asian Games 1994(Hiroshima, Japan), 1998(Bangkok, Thailand), 2002 (Busan, Korea) years. - 5th place at all
  • Participant four World Championships - a995g (Makuhari, Japan), 1997(Paris, France), 2001,the (Hamburg, Germany), 2003. (Osaka, Japan).
  • Participant in two Olympic Games - 1996g. (Atlanta, USA) and 2000. (Sydney, Australia).
  • Coaching experience since 1992 to date.
  • Honored coach Kyrgyzskoy Republic of Judo and Sambo in 2002.
  • October 2009, was appointed senior coach of the National Team KR Judo (women)
  • Since January 2006, is an arbitrator of the International "A" category in judo. Common name - "IJF International".
  • As the referee was involved in the service:
    • Asian Judo Championship200in1(Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
    • License Asia Judo Championships 2004 (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
    • Asian Judo Championship Youth 2004. (Qatar)
    • Asian Judo Championships 2005 (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
    • Asian Championship in judo among the youth of 2005. (Taipei, Taiwan)
    • Asian Championship in judo among the youth of 2006. (Jeju Island, Korea)
    • Asian Judo Championships in 2007 in Kuwait
    • Has refereed at other numerous KR competitions and International competitions in Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, USA, Korea and others
  • Brought up famous sambo and judo students:
    • Azat Kubakaev - bronze medalist in Judo Asia 2009 in Taipei which is recognized as the "Best Athlete of the Year" in the category of judo. Azat Kubakaev took 7th place at the last World Championships (August 2010, in Tokyo) at 73 kg
    • Islam Baialinov took fifth place at the Asian Games 2010 years in China, beating at           second round of the World Champion from Mongolia. Islam became the 9-th in the Super World Cup in Paris (France) in February 2007, is Asian champion in jiu-jitsu in 2009, winner of international championships to combat Sambo and MMA
    • Meer Momunov (57 kg) - silver medalist in judo Asian Youth 2010 year.





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